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About Us

Red River Designs is homegrown and family-operated by brothers Norman and Brandon Daignault. Creating, designing, and marketing our custom furniture, home improvement projects and milled lumber. We take pride in our eco-friendly business: all of our lumber is locally salvaged and then air dried or solar kiln dried.

Each piece we create tells a different story. Every slab of wood speaks of a past, present, and future. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, salvaging local wood while simultaneously giving back to nature by planting a tree with every purchase. The feel of the grain lead us to their design, and often with live edge designs we combine a modern design with rustic naturalism.

We create an experience with each piece of furniture, and our clients are as much a part of the design process as we are.

Photo of Brandon and Norman Daignault, brothers and operators of Red River Designs.